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Medyatör Interactive is a software and R&D company founded in 2008 in Erciyes University Technopark campus in Kayseri. Our company, which has been serving as a Corporate Web Design Agency for years, also develops web-based software projects and Mobile Application projects.

It is one of the rare companies that has an experienced team in the sector by strengthening its expert and core staff with young and dynamic software development experts. This enables our customers to get maximum efficiency and positive feedback from the web design projects we have created.

As a web design agency, we prepare the websites of our customers in Kayseri by following today's website programming technologies and developing responsive and responsive design models with the most up-to-date software infrastructure.

Our company, which is among the best web design companies in Turkey, was established in Kayseri and offers professional website design services to its customers in Turkey and abroad.

We prepare websites with manageable admin panel with the content management system (CMS) prepared by our own software team. This allows you, our valued customers, to update your web pages at any time without the need for us.

Today, website design is the most important advertising and promotion tool of a company. For this reason, web design studies should be programmed in an infrastructure in accordance with google guidelines. The biggest advantage of this is that your website is at the top of the search results in google and other search engines.

Websites that are on the first page of Google are always one step ahead of their competitors and provide a minimum 30% improvement commercially. Because Google-friendly websites rank higher in regional search results without the need for extra SEO work. However, when there is a need for SEO work in competitive sectors, having a Google-friendly seo infrastructure provides an advantage for the website to rank higher in search engines. Regionally, for example, in the service areas provided by a Kayseri-based company, it is possible to appear on the first page of the regional search results made in Kayseri. We stand out among the web design agencies in Kayseri with the Google-friendly websites we are building.

In this age where the usage rates of mobile devices are increasing, our website projects that are fully compatible with mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets among web design companies aim to increase your company's vision and prestige by being both user-friendly and accessible at high speed, and to make your website easy and accessible to your visitors. In a web design service prepared with a responsive design model, your website can be displayed accurately and completely on all devices without the need to create a mobile web page.

As a result, web design service includes a professional software service in its infrastructure due to its nature. Here, as Medyatör Interactive, we have succeeded in being an expert team that understands Google and its algorithms well and can integrate them into the websites it prepares. This success enables us to be the leader among web design companies in Kayseri. With this awareness, we always continue our customer satisfaction and success-oriented works.

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