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Medyatör Interactive is a design agencies which consists of a professional team that can keep up with the digital world, new trends, technologies, and also at the same time follows it and reflects this to its work in the best way possible.

With 13 years of experience and our experienced team we combine our unique, simple and creative design approach that is 100% compatible with search engine of Google. We provide a high conversion rate, sustainable and sustainable service by keeping the user experience (UX) at the forefront with smart software technologies that is produced by our software engineers in R&D center. We provide living web design, mobile software projects and provide unlimited customer support.
Kayseri Web Tasarım

Web design is a machine code displayed on internet browsers using certain web programming languages ​​and design tools. Mostly, static websites are created with HTML and CSS programming languages, and they are integrated with CMS (content management systems) and transformed into a dynamic website. In this way, you can have opportunity to easily update your website. The most important factor in Html and Css coding of a website is its mobile compatibility. This can be done with responsive programming method and Bootstrap style web libraries. In this way, web design process compatible with all mobile devices can be done. It can also create meta code indexes to help search engines better crawl and index websites. In more professional and comprehensive web design projects, .NET, Php. Different auxiliary web software technologies such as Mvc Framework, Jsp, React, Angular are also used. For data-oriented projects, high-capacity databases such as MSSQL and Oracle are used. 

Web design should have a user-friendly interface and at the same time, it should contain functional features for the user. Content richness and accuracy also allow website visitors to spend more time on the website.

Websites should always be planned for the visitors comfort. It is the determination of the content that we will present to the visitors, the order of importance, the compatibility with the search engines, the design of a user-friendly interface, taking into account the use of all kinds of devices, and ensuring that the content is presented in a neat and simple plan. By directing the visitors accurately and effectively with the website design we will make, we should ensure that they navigate easily within the site and ensure that they reach the information we want them to reach. We should avoid unnecessary and meaningless content and images as much as possible, and use correct, effective and eye-catching images and slogans.

In this way, we become a valuable website in the eyes of the search engine Google, by offering satisfying and effective content to our target audience.

First of all, the original design website has a much more aesthetic appearance than standard websites in terms of design. It is possible to present these contents in an appropriate and effective way, as the original designed web sites are specially prepared for the content desired to be presented. What we want to offer visitors and how we want to direct them within our website, we can direct the design as we wish.

In addition, while creating a uniquely designed website, we can reach the website values ​​desired by Google with special web software programming. These are also factors that seriously affect our rankings on Google. Therefore, original web design gives us serious advantages with serious differences. The most important of these is the website opening speed score. The fast opening of your website is very important for Google, both for ranking criteria and for visitors. Afterwards, with the special software website infrastructure, we have both mobile compatible and clean and error-free coding.

Clean coding is the most basic principle of the skeleton of a website. It is important for search engines such as Google that the codes of the website we will establish are error-free and correct, and it is a ranking criterion. Clean code web design service requires technical equipment and expert software team with high level of knowledge as well as troublesome. Proper coding means a proper website. Incorrect encodings cause both disruptions in the display of websites and functionally errors in some areas of the website. Web design companies with an expert software team have no difficulty in making clean coding and can create a smooth-running website, but this takes serious time and time. This is reflected in web design costs.

Original web design prices are more expensive than ready-made template websites. The reason is actually quite simple. On the one hand, a web site with a ready-made html, css and cms structure, completely made with the use of certain templates, on the other hand, an interface first prepared with Photoshop and similar design programs, and then the cutting and placement processes are responsively mobile with libraries such as html, css and bootstrap. it goes through a long process such as coding in a compatible way and then integrating it with the CMS (content management system) to transform it into a dynamic one. In this process, it affects web design prices.

Here, institutions and businesses can choose between original or ready-made design websites in line with their budgets and needs. However, websites that have high commercial expectations, want to rank higher in search engines, do not have security gaps, and contain important data in their database, highly prefer original web design services.

Web design standards are the general definition of software technologies that allow websites to be viewed in the same way on different browsers and devices. Web design companies each use different software technologies, but they use basic methods when designing web. At the top of these are HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and they are indispensable for web design.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the organization that manages and supervises all research in this field.

In addition to these basic standards, web design agencies can use different software technologies in their corporate web design projects when needed.

The original design has serious advantages and contributions to SEO. The original design is the best in order to fully meet the criteria set by Google and to have a website at the desired level. Ready-made websites, ready-made templates contain serious software and code errors, site speed and other SEO data are seriously insufficient. The way to obtain the data requested by the Google search engine at the highest level is to get an original design web design service compatible with SEO.

Keep the desired site speed with the original web design, clean code valid (verified) CSS and Html codes, you can reach the desired SEO score by having a correctly labeled website. A high SEO score means you are one step ahead of your competitors. SEO compatible web design always ensures that you rank high in search engines.

The Google search engine is the largest search engine in the world today, and it is one of the primary factors that affect the listing of websites in search results. Google has always highlighted the key three as the most important ranking criteria. Site opening speed, mobile compatibility and content. Therefore, content is one of the most basic elements to be considered while web designing.

First of all, the content that we will publish on our website should be as original as the design of our website. Original content is very valuable to Google. We need to provide accurate, smooth, fluid and satisfying content to visitors who will view and read our content. Original web design plays a serious role in the placement and presentation of content. The harmony and layout of the layouts, the colors and images used with the content should be perfect. In this sense, creating a satisfying and fluent content such as original texts related to a content, photographs and pictures of that content, documents such as brochures, catalogs, user manuals, content videos, questions and answers about the content is a reward for your website. .

In addition, enriching it by creating different content with blog-style articles on similar topics related to the content also provides serious visitor traffic to your website.

Beautifully presented content will always increase the value of your website, thanks to a properly prepared and original web design.